Poem: Waiting for the Train

Who is it?


Just a lone man over the wrought-iron,

closing his eyes to the whoosh of the tracks,

whistling air through the gaps in his teeth.


What’s he worried about?


You wonder, considering disturbing possibilities,

a biker gang broke into his house, perhaps

or his wife could be screwing the pool boy, maybe

you considered it while watching him depart,

tense and angry, with his hands in his pockets.


Tripping him on to the tracks, would it be so bad?


Bet he touches his kids, he looked like one of them,

from what you remember, skin crawled in response to his tone

probably, you admit chastizingly to a fallacy,

but press on shiny soldier, heaven feels through your instinct

without hesitation, the man would die tonight.


Am I too lazy to be a Murderer?


Shame digs out of a hole, wimp its battle cry

writhing dirtwise, reminding of reality,

and he’s probably just, some douche,

paranoia is better than boring, and people suck

but most are only, bumping like a car.


There is no point.

Poem: Waiting for the Train

Poem: Becoming

Way home from Tony’s, eggs and Halava in a plastic bag, a brilliant moment exploded,

a Toyota ripped down the street, screeched and ejected a passenger, a frantic fat man undoing his pants,

you know the expression, he is frenzy want and need, one that left the car running,

unsmiling, as if in a trance, I just took it.


I was only 15, and I don’t know where it came from, this conception,

that rules don’t mean anything, and penalty is only consequence, catch me if you can,

I just drove, knowing no one was looking for me, until I abandoned in two blocks adjacent,

scampering through bush over fence.


I was free of it, my decision, and I only wonder what I’ve wrought back then,

how much inconvenience, and perhaps pointlessly missed the birth of his son, or some likewise calamity,

I’ll never know or care probably, as it shakes out in memory, realize that reality is what you say,

I didn’t really, I wish I had, don’t you?

Poem: Becoming