Poem:The New Progressives

Where are the Correct Critics these days?

Guess the context importance we will render,

it’s obvious, think about it

honestly, searching all the time

for belonging being, denied again again

by tired pedantic chanting, which is the worst

or best band name ever

in a world where no one really cares.


The point is this:

All of us can and therefore ought to

live in peace forever, but we can’t,

why not?  The answer is,

in capital letters, BECAUSE,

you dummy, we were made to suffer

the tortures of the damned

though we did naught in error,

all judges are one day judged.


All these things are of course related.

In that hologram needlepoint, all is merging

subcultures of pure pop philosophy,

terming us blind, rotating on a spit

hogtied, but the battle can be joined

between the ears, we just have to

look and listen staying hard as well

as soft, with eyes to see texture

white shades, and every grade of rainbow

spilling through us, splitting our eyelids.

Poem:The New Progressives