Poem: Cruel Scars

Bulging blood slipstream, I emerged into air

annoying and bored, divided red into slots

pachinko bubble maelstrom, all us roaring scavengers

feasting on the flow of chaff, strafe and circle triggering

a button-mash uppercut, charlie brown bouncing

along a bright blue light, dart and tagging daylight

showers afloat and smiling, losers were white-washed wet

tasting the ground on the asphalt, deaf and numb to them

I’m sorry Scott at end Eric, I would cut you and laugh

in ways I may have felt justified, I floated a giggling

coliseum spectator, I was justified vile

I’m sorry Scott, I posed a phantom enmity

for you you were very funny, but your chuckle gurgled

and you wiped boogers, and on your bare arms

or so they said, though I never saw it

I could imagine it, you could’ve been a big bully

instead you were gross, sweet and gentle and icky

with a heart of gold, but I don’t know what good I did

as I could’ve met your gaze, fuller pressed your palm

but they were watching, but I was small and weak

in frame and spirit, I can’t lose what friends I have

I daily sanctified, my faith in the laughter

and brotherly revelry, sweeping the world away

with our callous nature, cackling at victims

mocking virus infection, nothing is at all authentic

in my irony chain mail, no skin is exposed

as plates become spines, none may near me

for I never think about them, what do I care I ask

about my conceptual guilt, a fact sober puddle showing

we are all what we all are, for now and forever on.


I reject my own theory, I am not cruelty incarnate

or an ape with a club, there is more to society

built on bone rubble holes, sunken in a black hole

wealth sucks within, coaxing a violent flame

for art’s sake, an implanted desire of life that is

art can be subverted, directed to poison its own ends

expounding on an evil, seducing the weak and venal

kindness loving loyalty, we can love the oppressors

trusting molesters and nazi’s, trusting scammers and thieves

till in the mirror is a stranger, so we are to know how

the greatest good is reason, daily dedicate ourselves

signing the pledge of truth, true now and ever we know

no hate love or sympathy, we must follow Kant

by categorical imperative, golden rule redux is

the maxim by which you act, should work for all

to do what everyone should, even though they won’t

one must hold himself above, serenely overlooking

morality landscapes, wrong is was will be wrong

adolescent ankle cutting, as I once participated in

I know and I’m sorry fellas, but I think this is it

for poetic apology, children are cruel as I was

cannibal pundits in a pit, soul-sucking clown poison

either you’re a victim, or you’re a torment storm

for silence is no acquittal, we all did or allowed it

because it happened, but now what’s to do but

apologize to their faces, this will never happen

nor to their voices or eyes, just to this poem,\

which I think this is enough, it’s all they’ll get anyway.

Poem: Cruel Scars

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