Poem: How it Appears

Chastity and temperance are the sins of an egoist

barnacle pyramid octagon paragon slipping away

all the time, but boxing glove grappling opiate carcinogate

popsicles, frozen mnute maid stickers pricking

from the walls of the tunnel, but whoa, sorry about that

but I blister penis hands, no!


All right I’ve got to settle down, see I’m a very silly person

and I was giggling as I typed this, so I might fall in on and fuck

purity political apples poop sausage links like I’m five

but I’ll do my best, to stay in control boogie nightfall and weep

in the prison of a mirror, because this seems important

a thing to feel, this is growth.


See the screen of sense wagging a gay finger at me mister man

lisping with a whistle around his necktie, painting Dr. Melfi

on the can but from behind, ya know so ya don’t

see anything, seductive skinny nothing master hooked on

phonics, teaching me to understand the world, for it’s not

facts that stay, but effects.


Pimple pumpernickel pottery, but let’s figure it out period

popsicle pants, understand that feelings are facts

as life is love at the same run time death proof trailer

trucker blow job blister, action films are philosophy

especially  kung fu, for when form is function

beauty exists, looks like.

Poem: How it Appears

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