Poem: Cycle Gaming

During the war, we loved the game

constricting bedsheets were standard issue

but at night, we frolicked among the corpses

playing blood censor and giggling again


grab the rifle, click their icons through the sight

the more we kill the more we die, so fuck it we die tonight


Anniversary fireworks lit the night alive

we kept still, each thinking it was over

proclaimed victory was poison metastasis

oppression is the devil’s eyes, glaring back at us


no no no is the leader we fight, he has bills to pay

so double down, we kill them all tomorrow today


revolution number two, slot machine politics

betting the future on a coin flip lever pull

the power to the people, consensus is solution

we figured it out and wrote it down in blood


it’s not perfect, for fear-frenzied falsehearts lead

pushers liars and cheats, don’t trust their seeds


those seductive grandstanders podium settle

my father fought, the bright revolution bla bla bla

and all their words disguise the world in tettered shrouds

the poor are starving and rising, a voice to raise them comes


a shining army of justice, frankincense and myrrh

keep on going straight, and we are where we were

Poem: Cycle Gaming

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