Poem: A Dime

It begins the same way every time,

I wake up somewhere new, a new time, new everything,

I remember too from before, in my soul, in my head too,

this time I’m Davis Whinsper Hum,

wild west drunken innkeeper, fat and old, soon to be dead,

tumbleweeds roll and whistle, air of lead, some stray firing,

this time I’m afloat on a stone raft,

burning sludge everywhere, sky of fire, doomsday survivor,

cackling out loud jackin’ it, ever defiant, No Name Fuck Shit,

now I’m a noble serf sick on glut,

coliseum in blood chuckling, the glorious, Lustian van Tispit,

but the rebels break the wall, string me up, show me true horror,

I don’t understand what’s happening,

are these all cast-off darts, Plinko chips, galactic bingo dots,

all picking lotto numbers, all power ball, so none of it matters,

don’t think that for what’s the use,

it makes me unwise, to think that, or shows that I’m foolish,

if I act on that belief, burning smell, will be all that pervades,

so follow love to the gate of hell,

cry all in and push, risk it all now, feel my space in time,

but it is all the same, combos differ, luck is what directs,

but this is a selfish mantra,

solidified separation, all it is truly, inspiring no one at all,

like “what’s the point?” in coins, flipping.

Poem: A Dime

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