A New Dawn: Chapter 1

Volume 1:

Black Friday

I woke today to hordes charging the mall fortress

clawing at walls and breaking windows teeth first

getting at the sweet moist meat as it screamed “they got in!”

we called it rage disease and imagined a possible antidote

we might have developed a vaccine but it was too late


two weeks of peace before hell broke and came to roost

and now we’re passing out reloading and scribbling desperation

empty soul cages come and come In waves to the barrier

introduced with a thick wet thud and then the scraping

we found a stash of tranquilizers but sleep is dangerously sad


filled with the screams inside and out of each of us

and I don’t care that the laughter’s gone I have nothing

I saw my wife eat my child so I shot her in the head

in my son’s crib was only a dark red squishing

look in the mirror and scream what the difference is


I decided to blow it up and send everyone home at once

but there’s no way so I sunk and wept a river for everyone

can’t even do myself staring down a rifle barrel screaming

saying they need me but I’ll be dead soon and so will they

everyone is dead when they’re born and alive when they die


we created hilarious irony when when we did whatever we did

probably an environmental cause they all said when it began

whatever we did to make these things we should let them eat us

that would be a fitting punishment for whatever it was we did

but we have to survive so I pick a post and stand watch


in academic reference books it will have a term henceforth

“Disciplinary Injury” is what they call self-castration

if you’re turned on by a zombie then it all must come off





A puddle of tears on the ground I looked up into the sky

The sun hurt my eyes so I buried them in the floor

“my family’s dead too” a deep female voice utters above

Angelica is a survivor like me sitting in the dirt to my left

“they died before the zombies came in a house fire”


I said “lucky bitch” because I didn’t need to hear that

pouring her tragedy over me when I have my own to admire

then she stunned me with her eyes and asked “wanna fuck?”


“no” because I’m not the guy and you’re not the girl for it


“so you’re staying loyal to a shadow” she said and smiled


“I can still see her holding my son” I lied without knowing why

I can still see them but then Angelica got up to walk away

I said “wait” and noticed tears streaming down my face


Day 205 and hell started to feel just like home

Angelica’s a fixture in my life now of love and comfort

her eyes are a kind grandmother’s because she is one

her husband and children and grandchildren are all dead


swept away in a fire years earlier her tears have scabbed

she is a pillar of strength in all the wailing masses

I will never forget my wife but I am in love with Angelica

I love her strength and her beauty and the flow of her body


end-of-the-world sex is exhilarating and enlivening

I really should write a book about it but I never will


no one talks about fictitious ambitions anymore

art was the first casualty of the new way of life

art takes time and there’s not enough time anymore

all there is to do now is to live and fuck and die




we the survivors of the end call ourselves holdouts

holdouts tell themselves life is a choice they’ve made

life is a choice and not at all an easy one anymore


suicides are a normal every day kinda thing now

all who kill themselves are thrown to the zombies

lowered from the wall slowly and eaten as they go


we call them cowards and we hate their bones

they die without honor and are afforded no dignity

our leader Angelica pisses and spits on their bodies


she is our pillar of strength and our master of destiny

our struggle is aimed to a pinpoint by her vision

we will demolish the old and introduce the new


and I will stay by her side through the rebuilding

my role is tertiary and I hold no real influence

I will be privy to the birth of a survivor society

A New Dawn: Chapter 1

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